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Automated production line 



UTAS-NOVA has ERP digital  manufacturing  execution system and TPS  lean production mode, focusing on each  link of design, manufacture, quality, storage. In recent years, Utas has completed the transformation of lean production on an unprecedented scale, and made in-depth and comprehensive improvement in many fields, such as process development、technical innovation, flow construction and software platform building. Three manufacture plants have established in Danyang, Heifei, and has after-sales service departments in Beijing, Shanghai and Detroit. In order to effectively improve our research and development capability, Utas has established  UTAS-NOVA(USA) Automotive lighting technology co., LTD in USA, and established UTAS-NOVA (Shanghai) Automotive lighting in Shanghai.




Monochrome injection molding machine

Electric injection molding machine

Corner of the factory

Dimming optometry

Focus on quality inspection

R & D capabilities

Automated production line